Announcing the New Prophetic Movement, with a FREE study course on the Prophetic Ministry

A New Move of God Has Begun

Some years ago, God began to do something that affected believers all over the world. 

He began to pour out His spirit on churches from every denomination and church group. This included believers from the Catholic Church and all the traditional churches, that had never before believed in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

That move became known as the Charismatic Movement, and it had a profound effect on many who were not associated with the so called Pentecostal Churches. 

In fact, the Charismatic Movement brought a new life and vibrancy to the Gifts of the Spirit that did not exist in the Pentecostal Churches. Those mainline churches who carried the title 'Pentecostal' had begun to take for granted what they had, and had lost the power that was available to them.

The Pentecostal Churches had been formed by a much earlier move of God early in the last century, starting at Azusa Street and spreading to the whole world. The Charismatic Movement was a kind of rebirth of that original move.

Prophetic Ministry Made EasyPerfecting Your Prophetic Ministry

The Old Prophetic Movement

Some time ago God also began to restore the Prophetic Ministry to the Church and there arose a new interest in the Prophetic. This in turn spawned a movement that resulted in the formation of entire groups of churches who labeled themselves as "Prophetic".

But this group began to go the same way as the original Pentecostal Churches. They became a kind of denomination and set their own standards for how Prophets should function. The leaders of this movement became guilty of controlling it and promoting their own brand of Prophetic Ministry.

The New Prophetic Movement

Now, just as the Charismatic Movement brought new life to the original Pentecostal Movement, God is causing a new move in the Prophetic Movement to bring life back to the original Prophetic Movement that has begun to go astray.

Apostle Les D. Crause was one of the leading voices in the original Prophetic Movement, and produced an entire series of teachings on the subject of the Prophetic Ministry and the Prophetic Office, which have become a standard in training Prophets in the Church.

Now he is once again taking the lead in introducing the New Prophetic Movement which will be far larger than the original Prophetic Movement.

This new move will embrace all believers in all churches and denominations, just like the old Charistmatic Movement, and will teach all believers to enter into flowing in Prophetic Ministry.

Training On How to Flow in Prophetic Ministry

To spearhead this new move of God, Apostle Les as leader of Global Business Ministries International, has put together a training course that will teach any believer how to flow in Prophetic Ministry, without having a prior knowledge of the Prophetic.

We invite you to enroll in the FREE COURSE even if you have had previous training or experience in Prophetic Ministry. Help spread the word, and fan the flames of this new move of God, as it spreads like wildfire across the earth.

God's Plan for 2014 and Beyond

I shared a Word at the turn of the year in which I explained that there was going to be a new wave of the Prophetic Anointing. You can read or watch this word on by clicking on the graphic or link below.

Prophetic Word 2014

Gods Plan for 2014 and Beyond

All the Functions of the Fivefold Prophet Are Now Available to You.

You Can Flow In Prophetic Ministry, Interpret Dreams, and be God's Spokesman in the Earth.

This kit is a complete collection of 5 EBooks that cover everything about the Prophetic Ministry. You will get all 5 as well as some additional project files for the Visions and Dreams book.

Below Are All The Pages On This Website

12. Practicing: Learning to Speak (PYPM)

11. Practicing: Learning to Hear (PYPM)

10. Tools to Develop Listening (PYPM)

09. What Prophetic Ministry Is (PYPM

08. Everyone Can Prophesy (PYPM)

07. Final Principles to Remember (PMME)

06. The Prophetic Minister (PMME)

05. Get Ready for Action (PMME)

04. Hearing in the Spirit (PMME)

03. Seeing in the Spiritual Realm (PMME)

02. Learning to Be a Prophet (PMME)

01. Testimony of a Prophet (PMME)


Prophetic Ministry For All Believers

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