A site designed specifically for married women. Drawing from her personal experience as the wife of an Apostle and Entrepreneur, and a model of Gods pattern for Marriage in Business, Daphne Crause shares powerful principles that will help you become the true helper to your husband in his work, and not simply a wait-at-home wife who comes second to other women in his work life.

Be the neck that turns the head!

Daphne Crause

Hello, my name is Daphne Crause and I want to welcome you to this website. I am the wife of Les D. Crause, the founder of Apostolic Movement International. He is also the founder and CEO of Global Business Resources International, using the name of Bill Yinaire for this venture. 

Les and I have been married for over 20 years now, and it has been a wonderful experience. Along the way I have learned so much, especially when it comes to how to be a wife who backs her husband fully, whether he is in ministry or business. 

There is a saying that goes like this:

The husband is the head of the home, but the wife is the neck that turns the head.

I don’t think there is ever a more true statement than this, especially when it comes to helping your husband to rise up and be the best. It is my desire to share with you the simple things that you can do to back him and support him and be the best wife for him.


A Little History

Since Les and I were married we have experienced many different scenarios relating to ministry and business. 

When we were first married we both had full time jobs so it was a pretty busy time for us. When we got back home at the end of the day I began to ask him how his day was. He began to open up and share with me, and I started to see the power that there was in just listening to him. It wasn’t only one sided though, and soon I started sharing what was going on at my job too. 

During this time we also became involved in a ministry over the weekends. And so I had the chance to get my feet wet and learn how to follow him in the ministry. 

We continued to work in our day jobs, but then I left and fell pregnant with my son, so I no longer worked. A while later Les was able to quit his job too and went into his own business doing freelance computer programming. He did this up until the time the Lord called us to come to Mexico and we ended up doing full-time ministry

As you can see, the Lord has taken us through each possible scenario. And as a result I want to be able to share from my experience in every area that I can. 

Who This Site is For

1) If you are a married Christian woman, this site is for you, whether your husband is in business or ministry. 

2) If you are dating or engaged and soon to be married, this site will give you a good headstart to having a blessed marriage. It will give you insights and things to avoid ahead of time. 

What I Propose

On this site I would like to offer you these things:

1) Ongoing blogs on every conceivable topic, to help you be the best wife that you can for your husband. These will include your role in dealing with kids, remarriage, overcoming difficulties, etc. 

I anticipate putting up new ones up weekly, and will share some of my experiences which I hope will help you in your own situation. If you join the mailing list you will be notified of these ahead of time.  

2) A Discussion Forum (Woman Talk) where you can come and share your thoughts, ask questions or just ‘let down your hair’. I encourage you to share your experiences and victories that you have had. Your story may be just what someone else needs to encourage them too.  

3) A mailing list that I will send out regularly to just encourage and motivate you. Sometimes you may be feeling discouraged and in need of a little lift to get you going again. I hope that these short little emails will be just what you need to keep going again. 


Why not join as a subscriber of this site? To do this, simply click on the link at the top of the page. 

Please note that once you have done that you will have to reply to the first email we send you. This lets us verify that you did subscribe yourself and that your email system will receive our emails. You only have to do this once though. 

If you sign up for my mailing list, I would like to offer you my free e-book entitled ‘Attitudes and Qualities of a Godly Wife’. Simply click on the link at the top of the page to subscribe and I will send you the book right away. 

What to Do Now

Look out for new blogs, or drop in to the Forum and say hello.

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